1. Start of test suite execution (in fact it is only a single test case without any assertions)
  2. Repositioning windows for better visibility
  3. Using first temporary interactivity (top of code window) - continue after click on 'Ok'
  4. Second temporary interactivity (at the line of the breakpoint): breakpoint afterwards has not been reached yet, but the text box in the "application" under test (AUT; a little overstatement in this case) was filled with "oh-la-la"
  5. Now the breakpoint interrupts the text execution: the tight integration between swWxGuiTesting and the AUT allows easy debugging which can be extremely helpful during test case development
  6. Continue test suite execution
  7. Another temporary interactivity (is used to bring the CppUnit console window to the front to show the test execution result at the end)
  8. Afterwards different GUI manipulation events are sent to the AUT: double typed spin control, tree control, notebook, combobox, checkbox, radio button group
  9. Finally the successful test execution is reported in the typical CppUnit console window: OK (1)
  10. Close test