Complex Test: ScanCAD CAD file import
At long last this is now a real world test case with assertions and GUI creation/initialisation in the application under test (AUT).
  1. Start of test suite execution
  2. In the setup() method a sample file is loaded by the application (will be closed in teardown() method afterwards): note that the GUI is faily complex with four 3D rendering windows among other things
  3. After the CppUnit setup() method the actual test case begins by looking up the menu item that is triggering the CAD file import
  4. The modal CAD file import dialog pops up
  5. First temporary interactivity (like the subsequent ones this mainly serves the purpose of easier demonstration)
  6. Name of CAD file to import is entered
  7. Second temporary interactivity
  8. Click on 'Ok' button is simulated
  9. CAD file import is therefore executed and ends up with a new green hip implant in the 3D views, as well as in the dataset browser's tree on the bottom left (Note: the architecture and design of the application allow to ignore multithreading or completion event notification issues)
  10. Third temporary interactivity
  11. Finally the successful import is checked/asserted
  12. Test suite completes successfully, again: awesome :-)